Review ·—» This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab


TSS.jpgThis Savage Song (Monsters of Verity #1)
by: Victoria Schwab
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

427 pages
Published on July 5th, 2016 (first published June 7th, 2016)
Published by Greenwillow Books
Print Copy (Hardcover)
There’s no such thing as safe.

Kate Harker wants to be as ruthless as her father. After five years and six boarding schools, she’s finally going home to prove that she can be.

August Flynn wants to be human. But he isn’t. He’s a monster, on that can steal souls with a song. He’s one of the three most powerful monsters in a city overrun with them. His own father’s secret weapon.

Their city is divided.

Their city is crumbling.

Kate and August are the only two who see both sides, the only two who could do something.

But how do you decide to be a hero or a villain when its hard to tell which is which?


This Savage Song has been a book i’ve been dying to read since i received it back in July! the timing was never right BUT, i’m beyond ecstatic i finally got around to reading this book because it has jumped to near the top of my favorites list! August Flynn is of course on my book boyfriend list (let’s be honest who isn’t!) but, seriously he’s honestly THE SWEETEST!, so adorable, dark hair, kind eyes… DIMPLES honestly i was so shook from the beginning (*swoon*) plus shy guys are actually the best i’m so weak (*nervous laugh*).

haha! now enough of me going on and on about August i just want to say that even though this is my first ever Victoria Schwab book (*i knowww! i’m ashamed*) i’m officially obsessed with her writing!!! this book is written in such a beautifully captivating way it made me think there’s NO way i couldn’t loveee this book. 

“He didn’t remember what happened next.Or rather, he did but it was a set of photos, not a film, stills without the space between. He was holding the violin, running a thumb over the strings. There was light. There was darkness. There was music. There was peace.” Victoria Schwab (This Savage Song, page 105)

the world in This Savage Song was honestly a bit hard to get into in the beginning because the world seems a bit complex and enigmatic at first but, once you delve into it the story becomes so easy to understand. it really just drew me in from the since the story is such an interesting one, my favorite part of this book besides the writing is the fact that there is no unnecessary romance storylines.

this story isn’t just the average good versus evil where humans are depicted as good while monsters are evil, the lines between a persons morality blur and it becomes humans vs. monster, monsters vs. monsters and finally humans vs. humans. i love how this book also being a first book in this duology, the second Our Dark Duet (which comes out in MID-JUNE!? *anxiously awaiting it release!*) all the characters aren’t thrown in our face. we gradually learn about the characters and have potential to learn more in the sequel then, we also receive tons of insight in our main characters, August Flynn and Kate Harker but there is still tons to learn more about … which makes me anticipate the sequel EVEN MORE.

“In an auditorium full of stares, his was the gaze she felt. In a classroom full of students learning lies, he scribbled the truth in the margins. In a school that clung to the illusion of safety, he didn’t shy from talk of violence. He didn’t belong there, the way she didn’t belong there, and that shared strangeness made her feel like she knew him.
But she didn’t.
Not yet.” Victoria Schwab (This Savage Song, page 146)

 i’d recommend this book to you even if you aren’t into fantasy/dystopian-ish types of book just so you can relish in Schwabs amazing writing.

*disclaimer: contains spoilers*

the character development in this story was most important to me because i actually realllyyy did not like Kate to begin with and while she’s still not my favorite she definitely grows on you! she sort of changes from this girl who walks around the halls of (many) different schools as if she owns the world to someone who finally learns that the world isn’t so black and white. you can’t trust family just because they’re family and clearly monsters aren’t the only people to be afraid of in Verity. she tries SOOO hard to be her father it’s actually so annoying, because she clearly is scared to be him but, does all she can to be only to turn into a version of him she can never change.

“‘Why would you even want to be human? We’re fragile. We die.'” Victoria Schwab as Kate Harker (This Savage Song, page 271)

now i know i said enough about August but i just love him so muchhhh! there’s something so insanely human about August despite him being a monster. he wants nothing more than to be a human though he obviously can’t be but, he still tries his hardest to stay as moral and untainted as possible and wants to live as normally as he can. he’s so precious i  just wished he could have everything he wanted and more because all he wants is the smallest things in life to make him happy. he’s too pure for us! (*screaming through my tears*)

“‘Where are you?’
August closed his eyes, took a long breath. ‘Lying on my bed,’ he whispered. ‘Listening to music while my cat chews on the corner of a book.'” Victoria Schwab (This Savage Song, page 351)

Kate and August have almost immediate chemistry it made me wayy too excited to see how the story played out being on the run from none other than (*SPOILER ALERT*) the darn Harker pet himself, Sloan which to be completely honest i actually kinda liked him in the throughout the book because he toyed with Kate so much (*shrugs*) whoops. BUT, once he started going after baby August he lost ALL my respect! the ENDING… oh my gosh! how did i know that Leo was going to end up betraying the Flynn’s who by the way, were SOO welcoming to him it actually boils my blood ahhh! the ONLY useful thing he did was sort of save August from Sloan but, even then was he still able to ruin everything causing August to lose all his tallies.

“He was getting to his feet, darkness wicking off his shoulders like steam.
And then, between one moment and the next, he changed.
His face went smooth, and all the tension vanished from his mouth and eyes, the weight falling from his shoulder. His head tipped forward, the black curls swallowing his face as shadows rolled across his skin. . . . Where there had been a boy, now there was a monster. Tall, and graceful, and terrifying.” Victoria Schwab (This Savage Song, page 396)

my love for this book burns as bright as when a Sunai falls, this is my first Victoria Schwab book but, i can guarantee i’ll be picking up more from her later this year.. starting with the shades of magic trilogy! i cannot wait to be able to read those books!

love from Victoria Schwabs newest fangirl,

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