April Haul (part two: candles & extras) ·—»

oLUeu1496287784.jpgit’s literally almost June so i couldn’t BE any later on this but! in my defensive i was sick roughly 97% of May so getting this out before June is a win for me lol! anyways im so sorry for the delay so lets just get right into this!

Bubble and Geek – Candles and more!

at the very end of march i was lucky enough to be chosen as a rep for Bubble and Geek this is my first time ever being a rep and i am BEYOND excited about it! if you’d like to make an order you can use my rep code ABA10 for 10% off a $20+ purchase! i am possibly obsessed with candles though, tbh i think it’s a family thing because i’ve always loved candles like my brother and mom so this is the best opportunity ever! i’ve purchased half of the candles/products i’m going to tell you about so not all of them were sent to me. 

  1. first up my ABSOLUTE favorite candle is the ‘Eleven‘ Candle inspired by Stranger things and it smells of waffles, syrup and vanilla! i usually never like sweet scents but this smells SOOO GOOD! it’s the the perfect blend and ah i just love it!
  2. next is the ‘221b Baker Street‘ inspired by Sherlock Holmes candle and roll-on fragrance i actually bought the candle because how much i loved the roll-on!! it’s a masculine scent and sort of smells like REALLY good cologne with cedar and woodsy notes but, still has a very clean smell.
  3. then, we have ‘Summer in Stars Hollow‘ which smells SOO good! it’s a very bright, light and just fun of a scent! i only just watched Gilmore Girls last year (despite having it on my netflix list for yearsss!) and became rapidly obsessed so i’m LOVING this candle!!
  4. okay so, next is one of the newer ones i got and it’s ‘Nebula‘ inspired by Guardians of The Galaxy and i am infatuated with this one! it’s listed as containing jasmine, spices, cinnamon, and black pepper and it has such a spicy, clean scent that i could just smell forever! 
  5.  i’m not that big of a tea drinker but, when i was in London i of course had to have some tea and when sampling some teas i LOVED how Earl Grey smelled like so i HAD to buy the ‘Earl Grey Tea‘ candle! it’s Earl Grey leaves mixed with bergamot and herbal notes, it smells so divine, calming and comforting i’m very excited about this candle.
  6. Lastly, ‘Newt’s Suitcase‘ from of course Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and my favorite part of this last candle is the fact that as soon as i smelled it i knew that is exactly how i’d imagine his case to smell like!! it’s a very rustic, earthy and leathery smell and it feels just right.
  7. this next product is lip balm the ‘Butterscotch Brew Lip Balm‘ to be exact and if you know me you know i’m OBSESSED with Harry Potter so this lip balm is everything and it makes your lips SOOO soft!!
  8. Finally, another lip balm i love is the ‘Coffee and Contemplation Lip Balm‘ inspired by stranger things and it smells like rich dark coffee with hints of vanilla. i really enjoy the smell of coffee so buying this was a no brainer for me!

Extras & HP goodies!

  1.  The Travel Book Rest  oh my gosh i LOVE this thing! it holds your book open for you or can even hold your iPad/tablet, it’s small and fits anywhere so it definitely came in handy on my 8 hr plane ride!! 
  2. Sherlock Holmes Fragrance Warmerso now that you know my obsession with candles and fragrance products, when i went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and i saw a fragrance warmer i HAD to get it! i also got the lemon grass oil that the whole shop smelled like to remind me of London.
  3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone paperback – since i am from america i’ve always grown up knowing it as the Sorcerer’s Stone so being in London i had to get the first book in its U.K. edition with the ‘Warner Bros Studio Tour London’ seal on it. i also got the sixth book because i have ZERO shelf control *blushes profusely*
  4. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child program and tote bag – i was lucky enough that my mom (who i went to London) with decided that she wanted to see the show (which btw Tiffany from Books Before Looks gives awesome advice on how to get last-minute tickets here.) i purchased the programs as souvenirs for the FANTASTIC show because i absolutely loved it and then ended up meeting the actor who played Scorpius (my FAVE) after the show and got his autograph i almost died!!
  5. Newt Scamander Wand  i had to get this when i went to the studios and to be honest i went a litttttlleee crazy in there haha! but, this is the first time i’ve been anywhere HP related after Fantastic Beasts came out so i hadn’t seen all the wonderful merch yet! 
  6. Gryffindor scarf – from the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 3/4. i’ve wanted an HP scarf for SOOO long but, this time it actually made sense for me to get it seeing it was pretty cold in London as oppose to the Wizarding World in sunny Florida haha! 
  7. Butterbeer souvenir mug – i actually have the regular souvenir mug they carry at the Wizarding World, that i got back in 2010 but at the studios they also carried another version of the mug so i just couldn’t help myself. I also got the butterbeer ice cream in the souvenir sundae dish because it was too cute not to get!

Thank you so much for reading! lots of love,

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