Review ·—» Romeo & What’s Her Name (spoiler free)


R&WHN.jpgRomeo & What’s Her Name
by: Shani Petroff
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

224 pages
Published on February 7th, 2017
Published by Swoon Reads
Print Copy (Paperback)
Understudies never get to perform

…which is why being Juliet’s understudy in the schools yearly “Evening With Shakespeare” is the perfect role for Emily. She can earn some much-needed extra credit while pursuing her main goal of spending time with Wes, aka Romeo, aka the hottest, nicest guy in school (in her complete unbiased opinion.) And she meant to learn her lines, really, it’s just:
a) Shakespeare is HARD,
b) Amanda , aka the “real” Juliet, makes her run errands instead of her lines, and
c) there’s no point because Amanda would never miss the chance to be the star of the show.

Then, Amanda ends up in the hospital and Emily, as the (completely unprepared!) understudy, has to star opposite the guy over her dreams. Oops? (source)

i really love contemporaries and they actually are my ABSOLUTE favorite genre sooo as soon as i heard about this book i thought it would be so cute and boy was i right! i was getting ready to read a long, fantasy series so i thought picking up this book for a fun, short, light hearted read would be a good idea and i was actually able to finish this book in just a few days while also reading another book!

“‘Hey, Wes,’ I squeaked.
He gave me a smile. Did I mention he had the best smile? It took over his whole face and totally lit up his eyes. And that dimple . . . there was a good chance I was going to pass out. But I had to keep talking. I knew that. ‘How was your vacation?’ I asked.” Shani Petroff (Romeo & What’s Her Name, page 4)

the main character (who is also my name twin shout out to her!) Emily is in love with the typical popular guy at school, Wes. now Wes is the kind of popular guy everyone loves and they were friends as kids and he lives down the street AND they still were friends which really surprised me!! she is weirdly a COMPLETE, utter mess around him despite the fact that they’ve known each other FOREVER (can relate though haha! i’m such a mess all the time – no shame.)

our MC of course has a mean girl, Amanda in her life who i did NOT appreciate one bit she treated Emily like an assistant gopher but, the REALLY irritating part is how Emily just lets her! i just really wished that she stood up for herself more. i actually would have never realized she was a high school junior unless it was mentioned because she does overact a bit and is a little childish but, it is sort of a cutesy book. 

“I somehow found myself in the back of the room, seated at my desk, but I wasn’t quite sure how I got there. Everything seemed foggy. Did the wink he gave me earlier mean nothing? Did I only see what i wanted to see? Or was I just too late, had Amanda already made her move? Wes didn’t like me. The wink didn’t mean anything.” Shani Petroff (Romeo & What’s Her Name, page 11)

the pacing in this book was actually a bit odd but, actually surprised me because the whole play that Emily was working on for extra credit and to get closer to Wes took place in the beginning so i didn’t know what to expect with the rest of the story. i really wish we got the chance to know Wes more because he seemed like such a nice friendly guy who was super caring! something i really loved in this book was the friendships between Emily and her friends Kayla, Jill and Dhonielle they all were there for each other no matter what despite the fact that there were some events going on that definitely could’ve sparked them having a fall out. 

“Kayla put her arm around me. ‘You’ll have to deal with these people sometime, and the longer you put it off, the longer you’re going to be stressing over it and trying to avoid it. Might as well get it out of the way now, when you ca have me by your side.'” Shani Petroff (Romeo & What’s Her Name, page 68)

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 6.05.40 PM.png

all in all this was definitely a book that keep me smiling and laughing throughout and was 100% a book i needed at the moment before starting a long intense series. i would recommend if you want a short read, in between series or in a slump! it’ll certainly be an easy quick read! but, if your the type of person who doesn’t like if something seems a bit juvenile then this may not be for you.

happy reading,

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