hey there!

the blogger

Hello! welcome to my blog! my name is Emily, I’m a 19-year-old residing on the east coast who LOVES to read and travel. I’m currently a college student who devotes extra time to any and all related books or bookish things. I’ve loved to read since I taught myself to do so at 2 years old and there’s never been a point in my life when I haven’t loved reading. I’m so happy to have found the book community.

the bookstagram

In 2015 I came across some beautiful book related accounts while scrolling through the discover tab on instagram not knowing at that time ANYTHING about bookstagram, that it was called that or that it was even a thing! I started liking some pictures and following a few accounts then, my discover tab was FLOODED with bookstagram photos I thought “well how about if I started an account myself?” I sat on this idea for a while wondering whether I should create one and finally I created my account in March of 2016 so I’m still pretty new to it but, it’s fantastic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the community is, how everyone is so kind to each other and after being in fandoms before I knew how special this community was. bookstagram is such a great way to be creative, get to know new lovely people and it’s a fun way to express my love for books and reading through photos and captions.


the blog

shortly, after discovering bookstagram I came across book blogging and I thought it was incredible that there was EVEN MORE of an outlet for books but, it wasn’t until after creating my bookstagram that I realized how much I wanted this. I’m arguably one of those people with longish captions because there just so much I want to say and blogging is such a great way to voice everything I want to. I thought this will be a good place to post about reviews, hauls, wrap ups, recommendations, or anything else I’d like to post but, it will remain mostly bookish. all my posts will be pretty casual I’m in no way a professional writer and I try to be myself all times so these posts will also be expressive (as you may have already seen when I write ALL CAPS) but, I’d love to welcome everyone on this blogging adventure with me.

thank you so much for dropping in!

with love,