Reviews and Rating System


All reviews will be written in a casual and informal tone that may include quotes and/or photos. I will be sure that all my reviews will be completely honest and my own opinion so not all may be favorable. In each review I will be sure to mention what I liked, what I disliked and why I had these opinions. I will be sure to include a disclaimer/cautionary warning where there will be any spoilers in the post.

At the moment I am currently reading middle grade, young adult, and new adult; in genres such as, contemporary, dystopian, fantasy, romance, fiction and science fiction.

I am not reading or reviewing any non-fiction, poetry, indie, history & biography, and graphic novels & comics.

I do not wish to offend anyone while writing any review but, if something is said that offends you in any way please let me know by writing in the comments or contacting me personally. I will be more than happy to fix my mistake and/or clear up any confusion.

Review Format:

The following will be included in all reviews:

  • Book cover art
  • Title of the book
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Number of pages
  • Publish date
  • Publisher
  • Book format (print copy, e-book)
  • Star rating
  • Synopsis

Star Rating System:

5 stars – I loved it and it is probably one of my favorites

4 stars – loved or liked it but, there was one thing I didn’t enjoy

3 stars – enjoyed it but, felt ehh on some parts

2 stars – I didn’t really like it but, I enjoyed a few parts

1 stars – this was not a book for me, I did not enjoy it and struggled to finish

.5 stars/half ratings will also be used and considered.